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At Tunisia88 we believe that excellence is inspired through music. We empower and nurture creativity in Tunisia's youth so that they can become impactful global citizens.


to the world for our students in Tunisia.

Creativity inspires excellence and through our music clubs, tomorrow's Tunisians are being cultivated to meaningfully participate in the global economy.

We're creating Tunisia's next generation of superheroes through the power of music.

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Tunisia 88’ club contributed to the promotion of cultural activity, as well as in the furnishing of cultural activity inside and outside the institution. Also, Tunisia88 has taught all the club members the importance of music and its role in refining the taste and advancement of the student's taste, which created an excellent relationship environment within the institution.

Mohamed Ridha Ettoumi School Khmaies Hajri Jendouba

I consider myself as speaker that you raise my feelings of dazzling, to what my son and his colleagues have mitigated a real takeoff on all fronts; maturity, responsibility, punctuality as well as calendar and time management, without forgetting that traveling with Tunisia88 allowed them to explore new civilizations, new cultures, new traditions and customs. I strongly support Mr. Kimball, Ms. Rabaa for all their efforts for young Tunisians for our sons and daughters and for everyone, thank you for everything, I consider them as ambassadors for the missions they accomplish..

Tarek Ben Amor Nabeul Father of Mounir Ben Amor, Club Alumni

My daughter became a member in Tunisia 88 since late 2017. It was a fruitful experience in her life which made her learn how to deepen her knowledge concerning music and guitar which she adores. She made her hobby in an atmosphere surrounded by teachers and professionals on this project. She traveled with some friends from other clubs in many cities in the country. And travel has a great value in life and not everyone is capable to travel on many occasions. They always work in groups, organize events together and make time arrangement in a good way.

Kansa Mnasri Khawla Guesmi's Mom, LP Kasserine