Tunisia88 is a project of 590 school concerts, focused on high schools and covering the 24 governorates of Tunisia. Each concert creates an after-school music club directed by the students.

Tunisia88 clubs reflect the results of a spirit of leadership among members paired with adult support; as well as the artistic imagination associated with the belief that we can bring our reality closer to our ideals.
- Kimball Gallagher, Executive Project Manager


Under the High Patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic.

Guided by the convictions that music cultivates respect for differences and that music can be a window to the world, Tunisia88 is a project that aims to introduce a music program in every secondary school in Tunisia by systematically promoting the creation of an extra-curricular music club.

The clubs are guided by a student, elected by the club members, and a mentor, usually a teacher who works in the high school. Clubs are asked to have their meetings every week, create their own songs and videos, and present their own events. 110 members of Tunisia88 participate in our national choir program: Polyphonic choirs and an Arab choir.

Phase I of Tunisia88 consisted of 88 concerts and the installation of 76 Tunisia88 Clubs in high schools in all 24 governorates of Tunisia. Phase II of the project aims to create a music club in each of the remaining 502 high schools in Tunisia.

Tunisia88 is a joint project of the Tunisian NGO Action et Développement Solidaire and 88 International. It is supported by the Institute of the European Investment Bank and the National Ministry of Education of Tunisia. The project welcomes the high patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic and is carried out in cooperation with IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), an institute for international and cultural relations, funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


At the end of Phase I - December 2018 At the end of Phase II - April 2021 (estimate)
Concerts 88 600
Clubs 76 578
Club Members +700 52020
Club Meetings +3000 15000
Students Reached 9400 75000

Core Beliefs

Music cultivates respect for difference

In Tunisia, wonderful things are possible

Tunisia is a leader in the arts in North Africa

Musicians can be global citizens

Excellence inspires excellence