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Radhi Meddeb

President of Action et Développement Solidaire

Radhi Meddeb is a graduate engineer from the Ecole Polytechnique of Paris and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines of Paris. During his long professional career, he has navigated between industry, development banking, participative finance, engineering, strategic consulting and microfinance.


Ulrich H. Brunnhuber

Strategic Advisor

Ulrich H. Brunnhuber is a strategic advisor and musician (saxophones) for Tunisia 88. Currently, Ulrich is Head of Policy and Institutional Affairs for the Neighboring Countries at the European Investment Bank (EIB).

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Kimball Gallagher

Executive Director

Kimball Gallagher has established himself as one of the most dynamic and versatile pianists on the scene today. His keyboard sensibilities, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, have allowed him to explore a wide range of creative projects.

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Rabaa Mwelhi

Chief Club Coordinator

Rabaa Mwelhi, as Head Coordinator of Tunisia88 Clubs since 2017, is responsible for the planning and monitoring of Tunisia88 clubs across the country, as well as the management of Executive Alumni.


Mouhamed Amin Jarraya

Operations Director

Mohammed Amin Jarraya is a Tunisian professional musician. He studied music and musicology at the Higher Institute of Music in Tunis, where he specialized in the interpretation of Arabic music.

Mejdi Daoud

Mejdi Daoud

Principal Representative in the Ministry of Education

Mejdi Daoud est inspecteur général d'éducation musicale au ministère de l'éducation, musicien, pédagogue et coach de vie.

fadi ben othman

Fadi Ben Othman

Polyphonic Choir Conductor

Fadi Ben Othman is a composer, arranger, and conductor of the Symphony Orchestra Academy, he is also the conductor of the Polyphonic Choir of Tunisia88.


Mohamed Selim Manachou

Operations Assistant

Mohamed Selim Manachou is a young guitarist, graduate in finance, Leadership trainer with Tunisia88 since 2020. Selim has delivered more than 20 leadership trainings in several regions of the Republic of Tunisia.


Malek Atitallah

88 International Executive Assistant

Malèk Atitallah is a young graduate in finance from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Tunis. She has been part of the Executive Alumni team of Tunisia88 for 3 years as Head of the Media Team and Leadership Trainer.


Teresa McKinney

Creativity Trainer and Advisor

Teresa McKinney is currently the Founding Director of Arts at Colby College, where she activates vibrant revitalization through the arts in Waterville, Maine. Ms. McKinney has served as a creative consultant and trainer for Tunisia88 since 2016.


Erina Iwasaki

Leadership Trainings Advisor

Erina Iwasaki consults and creates sustainable training systems. To date, she has trained about 40 trainers in leadership and creativity at Tunisia88.

Amine Radhouani_Formateur en Leadership

Amine Radhouani

Leadership Trainer

Amine Radhouani is a young dental doctor. A leadership and soft skills trainer who has worked with Tunisia88 since 2019, he chaired AIESEC in Monastir and is interested in realizing the potential of young Tunisians.

Regional Representatives
Amel Lachheb

Amel Lachheb

The South, the Coast and the Center

Amel Lachheb is a senior high school teacher emeritus. She is as well the cinema club coordinator.

Farid Mbarek

Ferid Mbarek

The South, the Coast and the Center

Ferid Mbarek is a senior secondary school teacher, trade unionist and member of the Tunisian League of Human Rights.

Hanen Rahoui

Hanen Rahoui

The North West

Hanen Rahoui is a high school teacher and regional delegate for the Atlas Music Academy, thanks to her extensive work in the organization.

Kamel Guesmi

Kamel Guesmi

The North West

Kamel Guesmi is a high school teacher and trade unionist. He has taught at the Teacher Training Institute and has been appointed as a pedagogical advisor.

Leila Arjoun

Leila Arjoun

All Tunis and North-East

Leila Arjoun has a master's degree in translation, in French, English, Arabic and Spanish. She is an emeritus professor of French and also president of the Tunisian Association of Teachers of French ATEF.

Executive Alumni

Amenallah Akermi


Ahmed Abbessi


Fatma Abdessayed


Eya Amamria

Alhan Banneni

Alhan Banneni

Zeineb Barkallah

Zeineb Barkallah


Taha Barkatis

Nour Bchini

Nourelhouda Bchini

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Mounir Ben Amor


Imen Ben Hadj Khelifa

ben said

Mohamed Ben Said


Fayrouz Ben Salem


Nawres Bouarada

imen boug

Imen Bougrine

image_6487327 (1)

Balsem Bouhaeli


Nourelhouda Boukari


Nassim Bourguiba


Fedy Boussetta

Janet Bouzid

Jannet Bouzid


Hazem Braiek


Asma Challouf


Yassine Chebbi

Dhafer Chebbi

Dhafer Chebbi


Rayen Chebil


Lamis Cheikh


Samar Chelly


Bilel Dhaouadi

Koussay Diaf

Koussay Dhiaf


Balkis Djobbi


Ahmed Farhat

image_6483441 (10)

Houssem Felah

ameni ghr

Ameni Ghribi

Copie de Khalil Guettat

Khalil Guettat


Saja Hadj Taieb


Wahbi Hadj Romdhane

Emina Harbaoui

Emina Harbaoui


Hadil Hassine

amal (1)

Amal Jelassi

mariem kasmi

Mariem Kasmi

Mariem Khamassi

Mariem Khammessi


Adem Khemiri

Mazen Khenissi

Mazen Khenissi


Emna Korsan


Nouha Kraiem

Iheb Landolsi

Iheb Landolsi


Wajd Mehdaoui


Aziz Mattoussi

image_6483441 (3)

Ines Mensi

Wejden Mtiri

Wejden Mtiri

image_6483441 (4)

Khalil Oueslati


Ons Saidi


Moemen Saidi


Nizar Sehli

image_6483441 (11)

Ghada Sidhom


Mahdi Souihli

Ahmed Yaccoub

Ahmed Yacoub

Dhafer Yahia

Dhafer Yahia


Lina Zghibi

Ameni Kooli

Ameni Kooli

Bahaeddine Ben Fadhel

Bahaeddine Ben Fadhel

Aliya Cycon

Aliya Cycon

Selim Arjoun

Selim Arjoun

Noor Arjoun

Nour Arjoun

Fairouz Osman

Feirouz Osman

Rami Zriba

Rami Zriba

Yahya Mhirsi

Yahya Mhirsi

Hazar Abdennadher

Hazar Abdennadher

Habib Ben Attia

Habib Ben Attia

Ahmed Litaiem

Ahmed Litaiem


Anis Bsila

Other ADS Team Members

Noureddine Yaiche


Ahlem Ben Bouker

Administrative Assistant

Mohammed Gharbi

Membres du bureau exécutif de 88 International
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Gabo Arora

Board Member

Gabo Arora is an American filmmaker, creative technologist, and the Founder / CEO of LIGHTSHED, a studio focusing on emerging technologies studio. He is a professor at Johns Hopkins University, where he is the Founding Director of the new Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technology (ISET) program and lab.

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David Rosensweig

Board Member

David Rosensweig is a corporate finance and strategy consultant to growth companies in the technology, healthcare, and healthy food industries. He is also the founder of Multivalent Consulting, which helps individuals improve their performance and resilience.