Mouhamed Amin Jarraya

Mohammed Amin Jarraya is a Tunisian professional musician, and has been the Director of Operations for the Tunisia88 program for the past three years.
He studied music and musicology at the Higher Institute of Music in Tunis, where he specialized in Arabic interpretation. He plays the oud, the viola and has done several performances as a singer. His qualities as a musician have allowed him to be part of various concerts on different stages in Tunisia and abroad, with different artists and projects including the Tunisian National Orchestra, the Academy of the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra and the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra.
Currently, he holds the position of Director of Operations within the Tunisia88 program since 2019. He has managed the instllation of hundreds of Tunisia88 music Clubs in many high schools all over Tunisia, several teams of musicians. He has also created partnerships with several organizations and managed different events and concerts in Tunisia and abroad.